CHRISTMAS FUN crossword puzzle
                                                by Debi

Down Across
6. Wrap these and give them to your loved ones. 1. Famous snowman.
8. The night before Christmas. 2. I'm dreaming of this.
9. A light shining in the night sky. 3. "Jolly old __________, lean your ear this way."
14. Christmas flower. 4. Christmas songs.
16. "Peace on earth, ________ to men." 5. All I want for Christmas is my two front ______."
18. Where baby Jesus was born. 7. Santa fills this on Christmas Eve.
20. Winter "fights" are fun with these icy things. 9. "Dashing through the __________."
23. A Christmas color. 10. Tie this around presents to make them pretty.
25. What Santa says. 11. Pointed frozen thing hanging from the roof.
26. Kiss a girl who stands under this. 12. Who told the shepherds about baby Jesus.
27. "It's a Wonderful _______." 13. A red nosed animal.
30. Cut, bake, decorate and eat these goodies. 15. The town where Jesus was born.
32. Hang them on your tree. 17. He wrote the book,"A Christmas Carol," Charles _______.
35. Visit Santa, sit here. 19. Song: "Up on the __________."
36. A circle of branches on your front door. 21. The book where the Christmas story is found.
38. Send them to all your friends. 22. Santa rides in this on Christmas Eve.
39. "Hark the _________ Angels Sing." 24. The direction that the three wise men came from.
41. "Not a creature was stirring, not even a _____." 25. A festive sprig of greenery with little red berries on it.
28. The people you spend Christmas with.
29. White or colored, aren't they pretty everywhere?
31. The mother of Jesus.
32. Round fruit often found in the toe of Christmas stockings.
33. "The First ______."
34. Ride down a snowy hill on this.
37. Light them for a cheery firelight glow.
40. "_____to the World."